Speakers Bureau Management

Facilitating Conversations

Our Speakers Bureau management department works with pharmaceutical companies to fully execute speaking engagements, whether it’s curating and facilitating one-to-one conversations, lunch/dinner programs, or webinars. Every client we work with doesn’t just get a point person, they also get a dedicated team of high-touch and experienced professionals who will handle speaking engagements from end-to-end.

All we need from our clients is the topic they want to discuss. Our Speakers Bureau team will handle the rest flawlessly, including all pre, post, and onsite logistics. This includes booking speakers, securing dates, ensuring contracts are up to date, training speakers, booking venues, doublechecking compliance, registering and recruiting attendees, managing spending, supplying real-time reports, overseeing logistics onsite during the event, and monitoring every moving piece to ensure the success of a program – no matter how small.

To elevate the experience for everyone involved – clients, speakers, and attendees – we also offer world-class, real-time technology portals. Clients and sales reps can have 24/7 access by easily registering and requesting programs online, view how budgets are tracking, access speaker slides decks, review attendee lists, and monitor all program details.

In addition, program attendees can check-in and register in advance or onsite via the web, provide verified electronic signatures, and interact with real-time polls while participating in the meeting. Speakers can use our portal to access their programs, view the weather where they will be speaking, obtain training documents, upload their expense reports, fill out post-event surveys, and more. All data from our systems can also be integrated into major CRM platforms, such as Salesforce.