Compliance Management & Reporting

Setting The Bar

At The Westfield Group, our meetings are as compliant as they are captivating. Our veteran compliance experts work closely with our meeting planners and program coordinators to ensure your event meets your business objectives, while also adhering to all state and federal regulations for the Open Payments Program (Sunshine Act). We are deeply committed to maintaining a thorough understanding of the ever-evolving healthcare and pharmaceutical industry guidelines and fully understand the intricacies of pharma code, reporting requirements, and deadlines.

Our key differentiator: We have a team specifically dedicated to physician transparency and the reporting of aggregate spending. This ensures reporting is consistent throughout all program types, clients, and vendors. We believe that reporting is not simply “tracking.” We proactively address potential compliance issues by identifying risk areas, creating policies to address these risks, and providing specialized guidance and training to our clients. Before a meeting occurs, budget/compliance guidelines are reviewed, and attendee data is verified.

We are also trained to understand and overcome the challenges surrounding effective customer data capture. We collaborate with the compliance departments of our clients to customize spend data reports that align with the specific requirements of their data systems. In addition, our proprietary system prevents overpayments to speakers or attendees, while also providing honoraria and expense data by speaker, attendees, and state that our clients can review in real-time.

Our long-standing track record of success has earned us the reputation of being the ‘gold standard’ of reporting by our client’s compliance and legal departments and the industry at large.