Pivoting to Virtual

Many people believe that meetings will never be the same. We at The Westfield Group take a more optimistic view that while physical meetings will continue to be hindered in the foreseeable future, there are options to pivot to virtual and leverage technology to bring your teams together online to connect and keep your business moving forward.

With over 20 years of experience in the meetings industry, we are uniquely equipped to help you assess and leverage the opportunities that are available as you prepare to reconvene your teams.

At Wg, we are always engaging, collaborating, and working alongside leading event service providers to enhance the client experience at meetings whether in-person or virtually. As a result, we are working with digital companies of all sizes to bring our clients various digital options. We have the tools and versatility to help you create unique meeting experiences that support your current meeting needs.

While it is difficult to predict what the rest of this year will look like, we firmly believe that sitting idle and having a “wait and watch” approach is not a viable strategy. We believe in building and creating sustainable momentum for our clients by offering different approaches, leveraging new technology and always looking for creative new solutions. For example, rather than holding large-scale virtual events, we may suggest breaking them into smaller regional sessions where online interactions can be more engaging and meaningful.

Here are 10 steps for creating a successful virtual event that Wg can help you execute:

  1. Have a plan
  2. Decide on a date and theme
  3. Create a guiding agenda
  4. Bring in dynamic speakers, SMEs and thought leaders
  5. Build in a “wow” factor or memorable moments
  6. Define format and choose platform and service providers
  7. Make it interactive and immersive
  8. Build excitement with pre-event communications
  9. Conduct a post-event survey
  10. Follow-up with key takeaways and “momentum builder” communications