Dani Pohlhaus
Onsite Operations

Dani joined The Westfield Group in the fall of 2012. She brings a unique perspective to the position as her background encompasses experience working both as a travel director and meeting planner. Having viewed meetings and events from both positions allows her to ensure the best possible onsite team is assembled, and that there are seamless transitions from the initial planning of a meeting to the team responsible for the execution onsite. She is passionate about providing a positive onsite experience and ensuring a successful event for all.

A little about me…

One of my favorite quotes is a constant reminder that we are all in this crazy thing called life together, and when we help each other  we all succeed. 

 My favorite quote is “Reach down and pull someone up.  Then reach up and ask someone to pull you up.  We are all in various stages of being the puller and the pulled.  Nobody is at the top.  We’re all climbing together.”  — Christina Katz”